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Simply put, we started Woodbury Online to get connected and stay connected.

When a few of us met recently at my father's funeral service, I thought, "Is this how it's going to be? Are we only going to see one another at funerals every few years until we we finally start attending each other's funerals?" Some of us had been meeting for dinner occasionally; others had emailed back and forth a few times or maybe called each other once or twice over the years. I personally hadn't seen some of my best friends for decades. When I stopped to consider how close we all were growing up, it seemed like such a shame how we'd gone astray. Like everyone else, we'd gotten busy with life: kids, jobs, relocations, you name it.

Everyone felt the same way. And how many other Woodbury friends from "back in the day" have drifted apart, separated not only be geography, but by the passing of years? This website is our answer. If you can't make the trip, we'll make it for you. Everyone is welcome; all you need is an Internet connection and the desire to reconnect. Wherever you may be, your hometown, memories, and old friends are waiting, just a few mouse clicks away.

Check back often, because we're going to keep growing it, and email me with any suggestions.

Ray Mentzer
01 Dec 2009

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