History of Woodbury by John Armour
The most definitive history of our town is undoubtedly History of Woodbury by John Armour. It contains historical sketches, along with oral histories of other town residents, and provides much information that would otherwise likely have been lost. Although this work had limited publication and is extremely difficult to find, Sheldon Weaver was kind enough to provide a copy for scanning. Since we can't say it any better than Jack said it, rather than recite the town history we will instead direct you to a copy of the book, which you may download or view in Adobe Acrobat. read more

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to John Armour's daughter, Pat Pepple, for her kind permission to reproduce it here.

Other pertinent historical works
Historical Summary of Southern Morrison's Cove Towns
Published in 1948, this book contains a detailed timeline of Woodbury history.
History of Woodbury High School, 1917-1957
The first public school building was opened in Woodbury in 1869. In 1915 high school classes were offered. This book tells the story of the Woodbury High School, which would graduate students for the next 40 years.
History of Bedford County
Excerpted history of "Woodberry".
Historical Sketches of Morrison's Cove
A veritable treasure trove of local history and genealogy. Lavishly illustrated with local scenes and family portraits. Large file (44MB), but well worth the wait.

Samuel Fluke operated a photography studio in the same location for several decades.

Huntingdon Journal, 21 Sep 1877


1891 Advertising Calender


Main Street was paved in 1910

Post Office Robbery
from Marshall Cushing, The Story of Our Post Office, 1893

W. H. Clouse was postmaster from 1889-1893. The post office safe was found to have been dynamited and emptied of its contents,valued at $350. According to the NY Times, 26 June 1892 (which incorrectly identified the postmaster as "Mr. Krouse"), the robber, Samuel D. Brown, was later captured in Maria and jailed in Hollidaysburg.

from F. W. Beers & Co., A County Atlas of Bedford Pennsylvania, 1877
Map of Bedford County, PA: Surveyed. Drawn & Published by E. L. Walker, 1861
Map of Bedford County, PA: Surveyed. Drawn & Published by E. L. Walker, 1861
from the Pennsylvania Geological Survey (large-app 4MB ea.)

Jerre Holinger homestead, on Dry Hill across from the Lodge Hall.

United States Census - Woodbury Borough
Available data since incorporation (1868). Most of the 1890 US Census was destroyed by fire.


Woodbury Trades and Professions - 1870
compiled from the 1870 U. S. Census

Tailors John Hysong
John C. Miller
Erastus King
Physicians Moses Detwiler
Samuel Smith
George Penoyer
Charles Oelig
Dentist I. M. Bozen Druggist William Smith
Watch Maker William H. Price Clock Maker A. B. Bulger
Music Teachers George McCauly
F. D. Berkhimer
Hotel Keepers William W. Pearson
Joseph Ake
Brick Maker William Eighottz Tinsmith John H. Wilkinson
Merchants G. D. Kauffman
David F. Keagy
Jacob Brenneman
Daniel Stover
A. S. Longenecker
Millers John C. Tailor
John Freelan
David Beard
James Lee
Joseph H. Barnett
Blacksmiths Frederick Hartman
John Carpenter
Michael Fox
William Bulger
Carpenters Samuel Cramer
David B. Bulger
David Grimes
Lafayette Burns
Cabinet Maker Michael Stock Pump Maker David Sweeney
Saddlers William Simpson
William Burns
Francis Burns
Coopers Samuel Beamer
William Beamer
John H. Wilkinson
Wagon Makers Jacob Myers
Martin L Myers
Photographer S. B. Fluke
Shoemakers C. W. Allen
Daniel Weimer
William Roberts
Daniel Shriner
Josiah Barclay

Woodbury Businesses - 1882
list from R. L. Polk & Co., Pennsylvania State Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1882

C. W. Allen Shoemaker David Barley Shoemaker
Solomon Barley Tailor A. L. Bechhoefer Dry Goods
F. P. Berkheimer Dentist E. J. Blackburn Blacksmith
Jacob D. Brown Grocer Brown & Amos Foundry
Aaron Bulger Carriage Maker Abraham Bulger Carriage Maker
Wesley Bulger Carriage Maker David B. Bulger & co. Shingle Manufacturers
Sylvester H. Burns Harness Maker David Byers Cabinet Maker
Frank Ebersole Sewing Machines Samuel B. Fluke Photographer
Michael Fox Blacksmith Adam Frederick Saw Mill
M. F. Hartman Wagon Maker Charles Hartman Wagon Maker
George R. Imler Produce John Keagy Flour Mill
Joseph Keagy Cabinet Maker Michael Keagy Saw Mill
Samuel Keagy & Bros Woolen Mill E. King Tailor
W. K. Lecrone Flour Mill George Liebegott Cabinet Maker
A. S. Longenecker & Co. General Store J. C. Miller Tailor
T. M. Myers Wagon Maker David K. Ober Hosiery Manufacturer
William M. Pearson Hotel John L. Replogle Flour Mill
R. L. Replogle Agricultural Implements Mrs. C. Replogle Grocer
E. E. Rose Hosiery Manufacturer William Simpson Harness Maker
D. Stover Confectioner Michael Stuck Cabinet Maker
Levi Weaver Blacksmith L. A. Wilkinson Stove and Tinware
Lewis Zimmerman Carriage Maker

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