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Postby gretchen sharar » Tue May 11, 2010 9:31 pm

Oh my goodness! You all have such wonderful memories. My brother, Tom, told me about this site today and I am having so much fun reading all your memories. I entered Woodbury Elementary in 1976 as a 6th grader. I had Mr. Young as my primary teacher and Mrs. Eshelman as my English teacher. I surely don't have the memories you all have...but I do remember having to stand in the corner with gum on my nose. Or, do you remember taking those crazy flouride tablets before lunch each day. Greek Dodge was one of our favorites at recess time...I teach that to my students every year about this time. I remember Mr. Aungst driving up in his very cool Corvette and having to run out to his car and get things he had forgotten. As a teacher today, I would never think of having a kiddo run out to my car! Every music day we would sing Wells Fargo Wagon! I still have the words memorized. I remember the field days and the sack races and oh, when someone mentioned having to show your tray to the teachers before dumping! Teachers wouldn't think of sitting in the cafeteria now! I remember the nurse coming in and checking for headlice and not knowing what she was doing. I finally asked what in the world she was doing to everyone. I never got sent home...I was one of the lucky ones. How about the 6th grade camp. I can't remember the name...but we spent a few days there in the hogans. What a blast. I came after a lot of you, but I am sure these are some memories that you have as well.
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